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About GrantsPlus

GrantsPlus is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the nonprofit sector through providing an efficient means for grant administration and general fiscal and administrative burden reduction. We offer a comprehensive array of services for sponsored programs that includes fiscal management and reporting, sponsor liaison and compliance management and payroll and fringe benefit administration. Partnering with GrantsPlus can help relieve your organization’s administrative workload so you can devote more resources to your programs.

Please note: we are not a public accounting firm and cannot perform audits or issue financial statements.

Our Values

GrantsPlus is dedicated to three main operating principles:

  • Service. We are committed to the highest standards of support for our clients. We work in partnership with them, maintaining continuous contact via face-to-face meetings, phone, and email, to be sure we understand our clients’ goals and challenges and the best way to meet them.
  • Simplicity. In the increasingly complex environment in which nonprofits work, knowledge has become highly specialized. We provide our clients with a single full-service solution based on our subject matter expertise refined over four decades of service. This means our clients can focus on hiring the gifted program people they need and leave the administrative work to us.
  • Integrity. In all we do, we adhere to the highest standards of ethics. Our reputation is our bond and protection of our clients' fiscal reputation is our calling.

Our Vision

Service. Innovation. Peace of Mind.

Sponsored funding is a critical source of funding for many nonprofits but managing such funding is often an ongoing challenge that detracts from program work. We believe the solution lies in the effective division of labor:

Our clients' passion for service. Our fiscal expertise.

The Result: A powerful mission-driven partnership.