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Client Testimonials

Please see what some of GrantsPlus and the Research Foundation’s clients are saying:

Seedco approached GrantsPlus looking for a partner who could handle the processing of large scale, secure payment transfers for Opportunity NYC, a privately funded initiative of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO). As the first comprehensive conditional cash transfer program in the country to process payments for such a large number of clients, it is vital to have a reliable partner to safely and accurately handle the electronic payment transfers.
GrantsPlus has become an invaluable part of the Opportunity NYC program. The company’s staff members are creative trouble shooters who have taken on the project as if it were their own to ensure that clients get the best possible service. GrantsPlus has been responsive and willing to customize their work in a timely fashion according to customer needs and concerns.
GrantsPlus brings a strong level of accountability and transparency to the payment transfer process, but more importantly they share our passion for the social mission of this program. Thank you for being a real asset to the success of Opportunity NYC.

Andrea Phillips
Executive Vice President


GrantsPlus has enabled us to streamline our administrative functions by outsourcing payroll and accounts payables to qualified, diligent personnel as well as utilize their user-friendly electronic reports and time sheets which allow us to focus more of our time and resources on our mission. We’re delighted to work with GrantsPlus in launching the inaugural World Science Festival.

Judith Cox
Science Festival Foundation


When SAMHSA awarded us an RCSP grant it was the first major funding we had ever received. We were a small community-based organization whose budget after twenty years had never been more than $4,000. Our evaluator suggested we hire someone to administer the grant. She said we lacked the infrastructure to administer $350,000 per year. I was opposed because I felt I would lose financial control of the project.
After much debate with her I agreed to hire GrantsPlus to administer our grant. When the Technical Assistance team from SAMHSA came to visit us, they told me that they were originally opposed to us not developing our own infrastructure but after visiting and reviewing our project, they agreed it was the best thing we ever did.
We have gotten the same response from our grants management team. They are delighted that we have Grants Plus. From our perspective Grants Plus can't be beat.
We get great health benefits and a pension through GrantsPlus. They handle paying all our bills very simply and our payroll is a couple of key strokes on a computer. It all costs us less then a part-time bookkeeper and we didn't have to give up control of our grant. Every dollar is approved by us. Any questions I have the answer is on the secure internet site where everything about our project is available day or night.
The best part is knowing we have time to do what we do best: provide services for persons in need. In fact our federal grants management team has complimented us many times on how well we are doing. We wouldn't be doing so well if we didn't have GrantsPlus making up for our lack of infrastructure by handling our benefits, payroll, pension, and best of all keeping our records so we are ready for an audit any time.

Walter Ginter
Executive Director
National Alliance of Methadone Advocates


The Research Foundation of the City University of New York was a key collaborator in the implementation of the September 11th Fund’s effort to assist workers displaced by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. From day one, the staff of the Research Foundation have been responsive, professional, and extremely hard working. There is no question that thousands of people in the metropolitan area got the employment, training and financial support they needed thanks in large part to the Research Foundation’s involvement. They were an indispensable resource to the September 11 th Fund, the Heldrich Center and the service providers.

Kathy Krepcio
Executive Director
John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development


For the past year, The Research Foundation has acted as a fiscal services provider for the September 11th Fund’s Employment Assistance Program, and they have proved valuable and reliable beyond all expectation. The RF provides web-based services in support of the September 11th Funds dispersal of financial assistance…Along with six of our grantee organizations, we utilize several of RF’s custom-designed internet-based services for data input, transaction processing and financial reporting. We have found these services critical to our program’s functioning.

In addition, the staff at the Research Foundation continues to provide all of us at the September 11th Fund, as well as all of our partners, with the highest level of customer service.

Suzanne Immerman
Deputy Director
September 11th Fund

I am enormously pleased as to the new e-Timesheet, PAF (Personnel Action Form) and Web Report websites. These features were well implemented with excellent opportunities for staff training in their administration. For a small agency, this new system has saved many frustrating and time-consuming hours in accessing information and implementing data for better management control.

I am also personally grateful to RF for the handling of the fiscal reporting to governmental agencies supporting STEPS.

All Project Officers of RF in charge of administration of grants are good-natured and very responsive in helping me to reconcile and resolve PAF and grant account problems in a timely fashion. In general, working with the RF staff has always been a pleasurable experience; one has the sense that they really care about helping small agencies manage their grants.

Virginia Kwarta
Executive Director
STEPS, Inc .
(Support for Training and Educational Program Services Inc.)

Your e-services are just what they should be; user friendly and utilitarian. They are designed to make our jobs easier.

Shellie Alper
Director of Administrative Services
Office of Computing and Information Services

It is my pleasure to let you know that I am most appreciative of the great service you have given to me over the past years in helping me get on line and do my grant payroll, letters, etc., all from my computer. It has helped me tremendously. As you are aware, sometimes the procedures to do things on line are more complex, especially for those that are less techy…but you have guided me through the process and made life much better. I could not have done it without you.

Harold McKenna
Professor Emeritus
CCNY, School of Education
STEP Grant from the NYS Department of Education