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Department & Staff Leaders

GrantsPlus draws upon the resources and leadership of The Research Foundation/CUNY in order to provide the highest level of service to our clients. This includes the corporate officers and directors listed below, who are dedicated to your success and satisfaction as a GrantsPlus customer.

Our Grants and Contracts staff serves as the direct link between our clients and their funders. It is their responsibility to establish budgets and track expenditures so clients stay within their budgets and provide compliance monitoring so clients conform to the terms and conditions of funding.

The Finance staff ensures the integrity of all financial data recorded and reported. They oversee the relationship between budgets and cash flow, ensuring that the budgets always match the available cash before expenditures are made.

Our Human Resources Department administers all HR areas including policies, procedures, employment law issues as well as performing payroll and benefits administration functions for our clients. GrantsPlus can handle diverse payroll needs from full time and part time staff, to stipends, honoraria, seasonal staff and all manner of employment arrangements. Annually, the Human Resources Department supports more than 12,000 employees.

The staff of Systems and Information Services supports the sophisticated web-based systems that provide accurate, real-time information. Our proprietary reports are available via the Internet over our secure website from any location. Content is updated several times per day and is available 24/7 over our secure website, ensuring that clients have access to current financial information – budgets, expenditures (including payroll details), and available balance.

Legal expertise is provided by our Legal Affairs department, which is experienced in specialized areas including Independent Contractor Agreements, sub-contracting arrangements, IRS compliance, and employment law.

Our Procurement and Payables team processes all non-payroll payments. From our perspective, there are only two kinds of expenditures: payroll and non-payroll. From recurring payments like rent to ad hoc expenditures, the procurement and payables staff makes all payments to vendors, currently more than 54,000 payments per year by check, ACH, wire, etc.

Our clients' on-going satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. Our Director of Business and Project Development remains involved with every client over the life of the relationship serving as liaison and central point of contact.