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The Benefits of Partnering with GrantsPlus.

As grant and contract recipients are well aware, winning the award is the beginning of the process, not the end. The work first begins when the money arrives. Outsourcing fiscal administration to GrantsPlus provides clients with access to all of the resources and knowledge base of a large and experienced firm combined with the comfort of working with a fellow nonprofit organization. Below is a summary of benefits working with GrantsPlus offers:

Knowledge Base

  • Dedication to highly specialized area of grant and contract administration and fund accounting
  • Subject matter expertise across a broad variety of restricted funding types and related areas.
  • Nearly 50 years experience managing hundreds of millions of dollars of sponsored program funding
  • Hands-on customer service from highly trained staff

Cost Savings


  • Access to best practice mature processes and proprietary tools without having to pay for the cost of purchasing or developing such a system
  • Reduced infrastructure costs
  • No software upgrade or maintenance fees
  • Real time financial reports available over a secure internet site 24/7 that provides consistency, error reduction and fraud protection
  • Automated systems providing data consistency and integrity


  • Relief from the burden of maintaining budgets, tracking expenditures and submitting financial reports to funders
  • Relief from the learning curve of new funders or compliance requirements
  • Management of diversity of formats and calendars required by different funders

Organizational Efficiency

  • Complete and integrated grant and contract management solution rather than ‘bits and pieces’
  • Speed of sponsored program improvement and scalability
  • Reduction of impact from staff turnover