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  1. Q. What if we want GrantsPlus to perform grant administration for only some of our grants?
    A. GrantsPlus can administer a range of funding sources, including a single grant, a class of grants, a grant from a particular funder, or grants defined by a particular attribute (e.g. volume). GrantsPlus can also administer a single grant as a pilot.
  2. Q. In whose name is the grant?
    A. Grants always remain in the name of the client organization.
  3. Q. Does GrantsPlus offer Program Reporting?
    A. GrantsPlus provides some support for program reporting. Electronic timesheets provide a comments section allowing for a more detailed accounting of time if required, and our web financial reports are project number driven to facilitate funder reporting.
  4. Q. Can GrantsPlus help obtain funding?
    A. Clients may choose to include GrantsPlus’s services in proposed grant budgets in order to address funder concerns about administrative capacity. In addition, our fee may be allocated as either an indirect or direct budget cost. GrantsPlus does not assist directly with obtaining funding.
  5. Q. My nonprofit has no sponsored funding of any kind and an operating budget of $200,000. Can GrantsPlus help?
    A. GrantsPlus can manage any combination of restricted or unrestricted funding. This may include, but is not limited to, private and governmental grants, earned income, and donations.
  6. Q. What is required of the client to work with GrantsPlus?
    A. Once clients have been set up in the GrantsPlus system, their main task is to keep GrantsPlus apprised of all information affecting the award. That means submitting electronic time sheets, vendor payment requests, and payroll and employee appointment changes in a timely manner via our user-friendly electronic forms. Clients must also inform GrantsPlus staff of award changes such as budget modifications and are responsible for all allocation determinations - how funding is to be spent.
  7. Q. How long does it take to become a GrantsPlus Client?
    A. GrantsPlus needs a minimum of 6-8 weeks to set up client information in our proprietary systems. Additional time may be needed for customization or large conversion (uploading transaction history) efforts.