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Grant Management Advantage

The Grant Management Advantage is a program specifically designed to augment an existing grant administration department without disrupting existing systems or imposing the capital cost of a new software system.

The Grant Management Advantage offers a dual solution: user-friendly reports combined with help preparing fiscal reports for funders and billing funders. Best of all the client stays in control.

The Grant Management Advantage offers 3 components:

  • Electronic reports where we publish client transaction data on our secure web site. We accept data from any financial system and will publish whatever data the client sends us as often as the client sends it including indirect cost and encumbrance data.
  • Billing of funders according to each funder’s requirements (optional).
  • Preparation of funder financial reports (optional).

It may be that organizational financial reports are not as user friendly as users would like. Perhaps they don’t do a good job tracking funding sources with multiple fiscal years. Or perhaps encumbrances or multiple decentralized sites aren’t handled as well as needed.

Perhaps the grant administration department is overburdened and budgets don’t permit hiring more staff. Maybe there is a risk of being delinquent in funder financial reports or have already been delinquent. You want to pursue more government funding but wonder how to get it all done. Don’t jeopardize current funding or feel forced to choose between programs and pursuing additional funding.

The Grant Management Advantage is an ideal solution to minimize both expense and labor without the capital cost and organizational disruption of purchasing and implementing new software.