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EZ-Admin: Especially for Smaller Nonprofits

The GrantsPlus EZ-Admin program is designed specifically to help smaller nonprofits address fiscal and administrative challenges. Working in partnership with the client’s Executive Director, Controller or other senior financial managers, GrantsPlus serves as the client’s outsourced back-office, performing the labor-intensive fiscal and administrative tasks. By providing an all-inclusive administrative infrastructure, GrantsPlus clients are better able to focus on their programs.

Program Particulars

GrantsPlus will provide a comprehensive program incorporating all of the following services:

  1. Fiscal Management
    • Set up budgets for all funding sources (restricted and unrestricted)
    • Track expenditures against all budgets
    • Complete and submit monthly and quarterly vouchers to funders
    • Provide access to our on-line customer friendly financial reports
    • Assist with funder compliance monitoring
    • Prepare all funder financial reports
  2. Payroll
    • Generate bi-weekly payroll including transmission of federal and state tax payments and other deductions where applicable and prepare W-2 statements, 941 returns and NYS-45.
    • Direct deposit payroll*
    • Maintain records related to employee time and attendance through automated timesheets input by client
    • Generate employee time and attendance records as needed
  3. Accounts Payable
    • Make vendor payments

*Subject to fiscal policies and guidelines

Is the EZ-Admin Program a good fit for your organization?

  1. Are your current annual operating expenditures at least $250,000?
  2. Is your organizational fiscal year July 1-June 30?
  3. Can you provide comprehensive general liability insurance minimally in the amount of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence and $2,000,000.00 in the aggregate?
  4. Do you have broad bandwidth Internet connectivity (e.g. cable or DSL or T1 line)?
  5. Is your Internet access via Internet Explorer version 5 or higher, Netscape version 6 or higher, or Firefox?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, the EZ-Admin program may be a good fit for your organization.

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