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Back Office Fund Accounting Services

GrantsPlus offers nonprofits an outsourced fiscal infrastructure that safeguards funding and provides administrative relief, whether revenue streams are from privately sponsored programs, public funds, earned income strategies or any combination of the three. GrantsPlus serves as the organization’s financial back office under the direction of the client’s Controller or senior financial officer. Our experienced staff, supported by our proprietary on-line financial reports, electronic timesheets and personnel action forms, simplify organization financial management. Relieved of these labor-intensive tasks, our clients are better able to focus scarce resources on programs. Our services include the following:

Fund Accounting

GrantsPlus provides the full range of fund accounting services for all client revenue sources, both sponsored and non-sponsored. Our experienced staff establish budgets for each and provide clients with a detailed accounting of expenditures through our web-based reports. Reports include sorting by salary expense code as well as expenditure type and enable clients to access on-line near real-time information for each revenue source across the organization. Totals are reported on a monthly basis as well as from inception of the grant and based on accounts payable, payroll and general ledger entries. Multiple security levels can be established per client request to permit access to designated information by appropriate personnel only. GrantsPlus also prepares monthly trial balances, performs bank reconciliations, and assists in auditing and compliance issues.

Real-Time Financial Reports

Our web-based financial reports are central to our financial services. These detailed financial reports provide our clients with the financial status of the project at a glance, facilitating on-going project budget control. Reports show detailed budgets and track and report all financial activity from project inception to completion including payroll and fringe benefits, non-payroll expenses and indirect cost allowances (if applicable). Totals are reported on both a monthly basis and from project inception, based on accounts payable and general ledger entries and always show true available balances. Reports are project number driven to facilitate sponsor reporting and fields are updated daily and in some cases hourly. All reports are populated and maintained by our experienced staff and are available 24/7 over our secure web site. These reports also provide the necessary data utilized by our staff to prepare all funder financial reports.

Compliance Oversight, Financial Reporting and Audit Support

Funder reporting and compliance requirements can vary considerably and change over time. Violations of these requirements can result in financial penalties or loss of funding. GrantsPlus works closely with each client to ensure proper management of award funding and sponsor conditions. Our staff provides guidance on the differing fiscal regulations and guidelines established by each funding source. Each client is assigned a customer service team experienced in working with a broad variety of funding sources. The team works closely with the client to assist in monitoring expenditures and making certain they conform to project budgets and are properly allocated and recorded. Our staff also prepares all necessary funder financial reports in the format and schedule funders require, bill funders and assist with audits. Secure in the knowledge their funding is being properly managed and funders are receiving the documentation they need, our clients can focus on their programs.

Personnel Services

Payroll often comprises the lion’s share of organizational budgets and personnel services are one of the most resource intensive areas for many organizations. GrantsPlus greatly relieves this burden.

  • Electronic Appointment Processing & Timesheets

    Electronic Personnel Action Forms (PAFs) and Electronic Timesheets facilitate appointment and time and leave tracking. Clients enter appointment information including name, salary, and funding source(s) onto our user-friendly Personnel Action Form and submit. This form is completed only once for each employee unless appointment information changes. Thereafter, clients submit a bi-weekly electronic timesheet over our secure web site. Timesheets may be submitted by individual employees, a designated timekeeper or manager. In addition, timesheets can be programmed to show various alerts and notices customized to the client organization and client employees can check time and leave balances on-line.

  • Automated Payroll

    Payroll is automatically generated from the PAF and timesheet information on a bi-weekly basis. GrantsPlus also transmits federal and state tax payments and makes other payroll deductions where applicable. Our staff prepare W-2 statements, 941 returns and NYS-45 forms. For both safety and convenience GrantsPlus encourages direct deposit of paychecks where possible. All such employee pay stubs are provided on-line.

  • Benefits Administration

    GrantsPlus also handles benefits administration including payment to client benefit plans and sends applicable benefits notices.

Payment Management for Goods and Services

GrantsPlus provides vendor payment services. Like payroll expenditures, non-payroll expenditures are tracked against grant budgets. GrantsPlus handles all vendor payments. Regularly recurring payments like stipends or equipment leases can be automated for maximum convenience and efficiency. GrantsPlus supports encumbered OTPS (non-payroll) expenses as well as payroll encumbrances.