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For Smaller Nonprofits

Today’s environment is particularly challenging for smaller nonprofits. The need to compete for scarce funding dollars while delivering quality programs to the community puts pressure on limited resources. Add to that the complex and unavoidable day-to-day tasks of running a nonprofit organization and an Executive Director faces a truly daunting task. It’s not only the sheer number of tasks that is overwhelming but the specialized knowledge—in payroll and benefits rules, tax payments and financial management—that is needed to accomplish them. GrantsPlus offers two programs especially geared for smaller nonprofits.

Our EZ-Admin program is an all inclusive financial administration program to relieve the burden of back-office fiscal tasks. Services include grant and contract management, financial reporting to funders, budget management and expense tracking, payroll and benefits, and vendor payments.

Our benefits program provides GrantsPlus clients who elect to become GrantsPlus employees access to the GrantsPlus benefits plan. Because GrantsPlus is able to share the cost benefits of its economies of scale the plan is more affordable than plans that are normally available to small nonprofit entities.

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